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    Cash-Out Refinance Options

    Best Mortgage if You Want:

    Easier Qualification
    Loan Flexibility
    Rate Security
    Lower Equity/Money Down
    You may qualify for an FHA loan with a lower credit score than other loans, and a down payment as low as 3.5%.
    Monthly payments spread over 30 years with a stable fixed rate are lower compared to loans with shorter terms.
    You pay less interest when monthly payments are spread over 15 years because you pay off your loan faster.
    Qualified veterans, service members and spouses can finance up to 100% of their loan and pay less at closing.
    When you need a big loan – from $548,250 to $2,000,000 – you can save with a small interest rate.
    Already have an FHA loan and want a lower interest rate? An FHA Streamline refinance requires fewer steps and documents.
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